• ORDERS: We accept orders via email, fax or verbally.
  • PRICES: Gross prices, with fixed discount scale, are in euro, without tax and are valid until cancelled.
  • TERMS OF DELIVERY: The goods are delivered EX WORKS Metlika in case of export, unless it is arranged otherwise. Delivery throughout Slovenia is free of charge in case of an order worth €200 without VAT. The date of delivery starts with our confirmation of the order and does not include the time of delivery, unless it is arranged otherwise. All complaints must be notified of within seven days of receiving the goods.
  • PAYMENT: All payments must comply with the conditions stated in our offer (proforma invoice), or with the valid contract of business co-operation. In case of late payment, we hold the right to charge interest in accordance under current legislation.
  • RIGHT OF PROPERTY: Until the final payment is made, the goods remain the property of Evrostroj d.o.o. In case of late payment or financial difficulties we hold the right to demand the return of the goods. The buyer is obliged to treat the goods as it is stated in the property rights and to adhere to them.
  • COMPLAINTS: Should for both parties involved be impossible to reach an agreement in a misunderstanding, the matter falls under the jurisdiction of the court of justice in Novo mesto.
  • WARRANTY: We hold no responsibility for any mistakes caused during transport, building or maintenance. Should there come to any defects from our production, we shall supply a new piece to you in the shortest time possible.
    • Stainless steel does not guarantee that steel products do not rust.With some chemical compositions, especially substances containing chlorine, cleaners, sulphites (sulfur), concentrated acids and alkali, these can cause rusting.Rusting of stainless steel can also be caused by contact with plain steel. Most often this happens by contact with tools, parts of screws, galvanized transport containers and shelves in transport vehicles.Regularly nurture stainless steel surfaces with widely accessible fats and oils. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to contact us in case trouble arises.
  • CLAUSE: All complaints must be notified in 8 days of receiving the goods and complainst regarding delivered quantity within 2 working days of receiving the shipment. With wrong orders and returned products we will charge you in amount of 30 % of product value of returned product or 10 € minimal, tax not included. We do not accept returns or replacements of custom-made products. By payment or written confirmation of the offer, you agree with sales conditions of Evrostroj d.o.o.