What is the difference between the use of a valve or a wine tap on a barrel/tank?

Valves are used for flow, release or dosage of fluids, while a wine tap is used to pour fluids into bottles and glasses..

The main advantage of these valves is that they can be cleaned without having any fluid of impurity left in the valve. They are effective with fermentation and when using different containers which contain different varieties of wine.

With some chemical compositions, especially substances containing chlorine, cleaners, sulphites (sulfur), concentrated acids and alkali, these can cause rusting.

Rusting of stainless steel can also be caused by contact with plain steel. Most often this happens by contact with tools, parts of screws, galvanized transport containers and shelves in transport vehicles.

Regularly nurture stainless steel surfaces with widely accessible fats and oils. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to contact us in case trouble arises.

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